2016 NYC - Salmagundi Art Club

Saturday, July 18 th — Friday, July 29 th, 2016

  1. With undying gratitude to John K Hunter and P. Yeh for unwavering support, encouragement and help.


  1. Oil on Canvas, Dimension: 32" x 42"

  2. Mistress of the House

    The concept of “home” is such an ancient, complex thing that many cultures like to assign it a mystical quality … call it Magic if you want.

    One of the oldest Russian enduring beliefs, so old that it comes from the pre-Christian times, is the “House Spirit”. Domovoy (Home-er).

    He is normally male and is seldom seen but always present. He minds the coming and going mice, keeps spiders in check, soup from over-boiling and various behind-the-scenes activities from getting out of hand. If our home is the reflection of our own selves, then he is an embodiment of that reflection, bound, after a while, to acquire a life of it’s own.

    It's not a bad idea to leave out little treats as a show of respect (mice would be happy for sure) … But truly, the best thing is to treasure your home and think of it not just as a mere space - but a fully functional world that cares about you - just as much as we love and take care of It. For if we don't - Domovoy can play tricks or even turn nasty.

    Mistress of the House came to be as an idea, slowly sewn together as a quilt of old memories, childhood dreams, stories… overheard gossip shared by neighbors... odd shadows glimpsed in the darkened kitchen (Domovoy’s favorite place - it is said). Someone who loves their home would not just wash dishes and dust the tea pots - they would be best friends with the house spirits - All of them!
    In any case - Women of “respectable” age, who spent more time around the house and know the value of a “proper home” (as well as the work of keeping it) would tell you – it’s all true!

  1. Salmagundi Club - Main Gallery

    Reception: Friday, July 29th, 7-9 pm

    Monday, July 18th — Friday, July 29th 1-6 pm Monday-Friday 1-5 pm Saturday and Sunday

  2. 47 Fifth Avenue, NYC 10003