“Старик Хоттабыч” – “Old Man Hottabych”

Author - L. Lagin

Once there was a boy, who found a bottle. Of course it was a magical bottle with an imprisoned genie. The genie was very old and very set in his ways - but a genie non the less. Since all of this happened in Socialist Russia of mid 20th century to ensuing consequences were ... well.. silly at most.


There were two major versions of the novel - the original was published in 1938, and a revised version followed in 1955. This later version was the basis of the 1956 film.

In 2006, a modern film remake was made. It was called Khottabych. This remake has little in common with the first film, except for the central plot point of finding a genie in a clay vessel, and the central theme of how times have changed, as is emphasized by this very lack of commonality (as well as various anachronism-based humor, like wished-for hundred dollar bills appearing printed on ancient papyrus, a makeover that puts the venerable djinn inside a flashy tracksuit, or the so-old-it's-hip-again luxury Soviet vehicle driven by the protagonists).

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