The Art of Fairytales...
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1931 Moscow - New York 1992

  1. Paintings

  2. Illustrations

  3. Sketches

  1. Russia's Cold War

    Before the time of digital art or even airbrush – there were only water-colors and pencil

  2. Fairytale Cards

    Literary gift cards were a way to share your love of imagination, fantasy and memories

  3. Sculpture

    Creativity finds it's way our of one's heart and soul - to take flight in unexpected ways

  1. Andrey Babanovsky was born 1931, in Gorky, Russia. He grew up during WWII, living with his grandparents.
    At the end of the war he came to Moscow to live with his parents. He was easily accepted into the Surikov Art Academy but turned it down due to it's overly political orientation, choosing to graduate from the Art Academy of 1905.

    Illustration was a passion. His name can be found among the staff of Soiuz Multfilm (Soviet Animation) and publications such as Smena and Sputnik. Among his other works are fully illustrated "Great Expectations", 'Oldman Hottabych" by Lazar Lagin and a series of greeting cards with illustrations of H.C. Andersen and Hauff fairy tales, done in collaboration with an old friend and co-worker, Gennady Novozhilov.

    Andrew Babanovsky has moved to US in 1981, where he completed the illustrations for 'The Classic Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales' and 'The Classic Christmas Treasury for Children'.
    He died in 1992 in preparation for his first show.

  1. The Story of Elf

    Once Upon a Time ...There was an artist, and he was walking home with his daughter... It was the long way they would always take from the movies. The road twisted and turned, meandering through an old park that sometimes was almost a forest and sometimes nothing but fields that were left behind where a little village used to be...

    May be they were slightly bored or just a little tired - the road was very long after all. But they started wondering about the park and it's previous life... Who live there? Were they even real? - and if not - the possibilities were endless....

    And so the Elf was born -

    But it's another story